Spielberg brought Paul Schrader to write the script in December 1973 with principal photography to begin in late-1974.  Schrader turned in his script, which Spielberg called, “one of the most embarrassing screenplays ever professionally turned in to a major film studio or director.”  Spielberg then began to write the script. The song “When You Wish upon a Star” from Pinocchio influenced Spielberg’s writing style. “I hung my story on the mood the song created, the way it affected me personally.”


“…Maybe I led you to believe it was easy, when it wasn’t. Maybe I made you think my highlight started at the free throwline, and not in the gym. Maybe I made you think every shot I took, was a game winner. That my game was based on flash, and not fire. Maybe its my fault that you didn’t see that failure gave me strength, that my pain was my motivation. Maybe I led you to believe that basketball was a God given gift, and not something I worked for… every single day of my life. Maybe I destroyed the game… or maybe, you just making excuses.”



‘As a film maker I must look at both sides of the coin, and do my best as a story-teller. I have no absolutes. I have no value judgments.’ – Peckinpah


“I am the films that I make. If it’s not personal, I can’t get out of bed in the morning.”


“The bottom line is I’m not responsible for what some person does after they see a movie. I have one responsibility. My responsibility is to make characters and to be as true to them as I possibly can.”


“I want to make sure we’re asking ourselves the right questions…. To be part of a dialogue in today’s world that I think is pretty necessary in terms of what our role is and what our role should be”.
-Bob Iger


My friend, Thomas Jefferson is an American saint. Because he wrote the words “All men are created equal”… words he clearly didn’t believe since he allowed his children to live in slavery. He’s a rich wine snob who’s sick of paying taxes to the Brits. So, yeah, he writes some lovely words and aroused the rabble and they went and died for for those words while he sat back and drank his wine and fucked his slave girl. This guy wants to tell me we’re living in a community? Don’t make me laugh. I’m living in America, and in America you’re on your own. America’s not a country. It’s a business. Now fuckin’ pay me.


What would you go back and tell that young version of yourself today? What would you whisper to him?

The only advice I would probably give him is to stop trying to ingratiate yourself. You know, just do the work, focus on the work, don’t focus so much on making yourself popular on the set. Just focus on the work. I was trying to be everybody’s best friend.


“I believe in the country America used to be”

Directed by Anthony Mandler,  Written by Lana Del Rey



“The biggest edge I live on is directing. That’s the most scary, dangerous thing you can do in your life.”

Tony Scott


“It was not ‘fun’… fun is trivial.  I realized, this was the movie… from my dreams. I actually looked to Christopher (Nolan) and said, ‘Now the problem is what do we have to look forward to?”

-Hans Zimmer, on making The Dark Knight Rises

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